10 Years Working at Same Place

Hello all my beloved readers. Today, I just want to write about me. The article is honest from my heart and I hope my boss and officemate won’t read this article. Sound funny.

This month is memorable month, not just because it is Ramadhan but also because it means I’ve worked for 10 years in same company. It is a long journey as 10 years is not a short time and I’m still work as usual.

Am I boring work at the same place for that time? Honestly, it is a question that hard to answer. But yes, it come to my mind after work same hour, meet same officemate, do same task while there’s new boss.
Sometimes, I feel want to quit job but I’m not tough to leave this job. While I get pay raise but no higher position to achieve. Work same and get some award but that’s all. Even I don’t have enough staff in my department. Only me and 2 others women which is hard to help me especially in technical issue. It happen because they don’t have any qualification that meet my department requirement.

Okay, all the frustrated come into my head and I’ve tried to find something that could help me to escape from this prison work. But I still can’t get out her.I’ve tried some project such as pinepapple farm, blogging, agriculture and others. After thinking, I’ve find the reason why I’m still there :

1) The biggest threat for me to take risk to quit job is money. I don’t have enough saving. It means I can’t survive without job even for 2 months. It is not a good option if I just resigned even for 2 months notice. I’ve also have 3 main loan to pay such as housing loan, car loan and education loan. It cost 1/3 of my current salary. Isn’t it big and I don’t think I could survive without salary from working at the company.
2) Afraid to take risk. As I’ve mention above, take risk is not my option. I’m always think of safe especially now I’m married and hopefully there’s a children in the future. I can’t watch my wife cried or my baby not drink milk. So, I don’t take any risk in this time.
3) Failed in project. As I’ve mention above. I’ve doing many project in the past but all of them failed. I need to find something that could help me to earn money constantly if I want to get out from this workplace.
Eventhough many project failed but I’m still confidence in some project especially in blogging. I hope yourfinancialblog.com could bring me much achievement that could bring more fortune in the future.

Okay, that’s my article for today. I think I must find something as I want to escape from lame workplace. If you want to help me, let’s comment below..

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