2012 Finance Achievement

Hello all of my fellow readers.  It is only a couple of day before year 2012 end. How about your finance target and do you achieve it? It is must to review your yearly finance before start at New Year. Do you plan your finance yearly? If not, then you must start it now. How to plan it? There’s many method but I prefer using Ms Excel spreadsheet to write my budget expenses daily and writing my achievement at my personal blog. It is easy to make it and you don’t need to become an accountant to manage it. Just write what you spend and what you earn at the budget ledger. For blog, writing where you spend and what you’ve achieve monthly. It is important to write this to know your finance condition. By writing all this, you can track where your money is being wasted and you can avoid it in the future.


2012 is a memorable year for me. There’s many goal that I’ve achieve whether it is being planned or not. This is some of 2012 finance achievement for me:-

  • My finance blog has been improved. The reader audience growth from only 10 reader daily growth to 40 readers daily. It is still low for others blogger but it is still good achievement for me.  Not just the traffic but the quality of writing also improved. I’ve writing unique entry in this blog at least 4 entry per month starting November 2012. Maybe there’s many grammatical error in my writing but it is better than just copied other’s article. I’m still doing the copy paste article but maybe in the future there’s many unique articles will be writing.
  • I just writing my budget in ledger consistently.  Maybe it is funny but I just started my own ledger on November 2012. It includes my business ledger and individual ledger. Before this, I just writing my business ledger at the book but this year I wrote it at Ms Excell. It look more systematically and easy to manage. Using the ledger I found how my daily transaction and I’ve save more.
  • Paid more for my loan education. Before this, I just paid about $1** monthly for my loan education but this year I ‘ve paid $200- $300 daily. There’s $6,8++ to paid and I’ve target to settle it before 2015. It means I’ve 24 months to settle it. With the discount I’ll probably confident that goal will be achieved at that time.
  • Reading financial book. I’m not a book lover and reading a book is very hard for me. But I’ve finished reading financial book entitled of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ . It is great book and become inspiration for me to read another finance book in the future.
  • Make money using blog. I’m not earning much money blogging but still get some money to paid expenses for domain and hosting. This is still great achievement for me and I’ll target this blog could give me more money.
  • Saving more than before. Before this I just saving using salary deduction but this year I’ve also saving from my earning. It is important for my retirement planning saving.
  • My pineapple farm has been plant. The project is 20% phase and it is still good achievement. I’m still learn to become a modern farmer that could give me many experience in the agro business.
  • I’m still living with good condition. It is important to have a good health for living. Hopefully I’ve get a good health for rest of my life.

Okay, that’s all for my 2012 achievement. I’m still not satisfied but still be grateful for what I’ve done. There’s still time for me to improve my financial and you , the reader can help me.. Thanks.


Today I just want to write my personal financial expenses. It is because there's big
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