2015 Finance Resolution

Happy new year to yourfinancialblog.com readers. As we reached another year, resolution is a must for those who want to get better life. Target something in our life will make we work harder to achieve it.

I’m also have some 2015 resolution including finance matters. As we know, 2015 will become hard year as our economy down. Some tragedy that happen in my country (Malaysia) such as plane missing, crashing, flood will affect our economy. Eventhough we not involved in the tragedy but it will give big impact in our life.

New Year Resolution
New Year Resolution

In economy aspect, the product from the state that involved in flood will increase as it is hard to make in that state. The people in that state will take time to change their business activity. Maybe it will take at least 6 month to recover and take more time to full recover. Hopefully they could wake from that misery.
Back to topic , I’ve some resolution to share such :-

1) This year 2015, I will get baby. It is time for me to have budget for baby expenses. The due date on May 2015 and I need to prepare as soon in January 2015.

2) Yourfinancialblog.com need to growth rapidly. In meantime this blog growth slowly. The traffic is not more than 10 visitor per day. It is not good as this blog age is more than 4 years old. This blog need change especially in the content. There’s more unique content will be written in this blog. I’m target to write at least 2-3 unique article per week. It will ensure the quality of this blog. Hopefully I could achieve it.

3) Money increase. Okay, how to increase money ? It ain’t easy but it can be doing as I’ve give more commitment on this blog. For your info, I’ve think to sell this blog last year. Eventually, I don’t know how to sell it and just continue this blog. Hopefully from this blog I could earn some money. My source income from this blog is Infolinks , Chitika, Amazon and affiliate link. It will add my main income.

4) To settle my loan education. I’ve loan education from PTPTN. The balance is around RM2,800 and it is not impossible to settle this year. It need consistentcy to paid full amount this year.

5) Reading more finance book/ebook. Last year I’ve read some book such as MyDin biography, Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary and Personal Finance for Dummies.I need to enhance my knowledge in finance as it is become complex.

Finance Planning
Important Part of Finance

6) Make some investment.Not investment from quick rich scheme but from banking investment such as unit trust or any reliable investment.

7) Make proper budget. I’ve lose when following budget. It is really hard especially when become couple. The important part is to discuss with our partner what to buy and don’t to buy.

8) Get a better health. Maybe you think it is not related to finance but if our bodies keep sick, we will lose much money especially for health expenses. Our health is the biggest asset in our life. We need to maintain healthy. I’m aim to exercise regularly and have a fit body. When our bodies maintain healthy, our brain could work in good condition. It means that our life is keep on better and it is easily to manage our finance.

That’s some of my basic resolution for 2015 that related to finance. Hopefully I could achieve and improve my finance in 2015.

Hello.. Okay, maybe a bit late to write about 2014 resolution but I think it
Hello all of my beloved reader. Only a couple an hour before year 2012 end

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