2016 Finance Resolution

Hello.. All my beloved reader. Only a couple of days before 2015 end and change to year 2016. How about your life? Getting better or worst?
Like other’s year, Resolution will be made when the new year come. As usual I’ve also make 2016 Resolution such as :-

Pay PTPTN full settlement

PTPTN loan holders
– My loan balance is RM9++ so it is not much. Hopefully I could pay it before Jun 2016. It is not a problem for me and I’ve setting my salary for next 3 month to pay it. Half of the debt will be paid by my bonus.

Open Insurance Account for my son
– Using the bonus I will pay for sum of money. Insurance is important, I think I won’t explain more as I’ve wrote it at previous entry (What I Want to do with my bonus).

Make More Money
– It is not an easy to make money but it is possible. I’ve plan to invest more money on public mutual. Enhance my blog and create other’s opportunity to earn money.

Educate about money management
– Yup.. I’m wrote about finance but there’s many thing that I don’t know. I need to learn more and more to become success.

Save more
– We can’t predict the future. Some people said that 2016 will be fortune and some said it will bad. I don’t believe on fortune teller and saving is important for our future life. Nobody could help us without money. As long we get the money in proper way, we can save more.

Change Theme for YourFinancialblog

– Yourfinancialblog need fresh idea, fresh look and hopefully I could change it on 2016. Maybe next year yourfinancialblog could become my best source of income.

Okay, this is some my short 2016 Finance Resolution. How about your resolution? Let’s share your though

Dealing with property following the death of a loved one can be challenging, as there
This year, Black Friday will be held on November 23 and many people will get

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