5 Midlife Millionaire

It is not too late to become millionaire. There’s many people become a millionaire until middle age. Look at this 5 people

1. Barack Obama

We all know that Barack Obama is US President. He was success in law, politics and community organizing but his life before ain’t easy. His personal finance weren’t really stable until fairly recently. He become a millionaire when his first book that originally published in 1995 reissue in 2004 when he is 43 years old. The book become a New York Times bestseller. The book called Dreams From My Father make him earned as much as $5 million in book royalties.

2. Gary Heavin
Co-founder and CEO Curves International become a millionaire again on 40s. What means again? He was millionaire by 25 but bankrupt by 30. Having difficulty in his 30s, his wife help him to regroup and start again with business model.

3. Maria Maccecchini, PhD

The president and CEO of QR Pharma only become a millionaire at the age of 50. Her life show the flow to become success. In 1987, she become a general manager and in 1992 she founded Annovis Inc that specialiezed in nerve cell researche, The company struggle but become a hot research area and she sold it for $15.5 million two week before her 50th birthday. It didn’t finish for the millionaire woman, in 2008 she started QR Pharma .

4. Wally Amos

The founder of famous cookies called Famous Amos. He becoma a millionaire at the age of 50. In his early age, he is working at the mailroom of the William Morris Agency in New York in 1961. After that he feature in show business but fell it is bored and try baking homemade chocolate chip cookies business. The hobby become a good fortune for him and at late 1970s, Famous Amos sales up to #12 million annually when his age in 40s.

5. Martha Stewart
Some of you may know about Martha Stewart. A celebrity in the tv that founder and director of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. In her early age, Martha Stewart has worked on Wall Street before becoming an entrepreneur. She just started a catering business in 1976 and her company hit $1 million dollars revenue when she was late 30s.

Reference :- Yahoo Finance
I’m 34 years old now and it is still not late to become millionaire. I hope I can reach the milestone and one of my source is using this financial blog. It ain’t easy but I’ve to target 1,000 unique visitor per day first in this blog.

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