5 Products You Shouldn’t Buy Online

Hello.. Are you an online shopper? Yeah, buy product online is easy and saving our money and time. Just click and choose via website and the product will be delivered. But not all product suitable to buy online. This is 5 product you shouldn’t buy online :-

1. Heavy Things.
– The cost ship will erase the price advantage especially the heavy items. It will make you lose the discount if the place is really far away.
2. Appliances
– Big appliances such as refrigerators and washing machine will get higher shipping cost. But there’s others problem. To get after warranty ain’t easy. Some of the product not give warranty at your nearest retailer.
3. Groceries
– There’s services for online grocery services but it ain’t cheaper. The bad thing is some of the groceries not exactly same what you want. You also can’t try or look the product which make it ain’t worthy to buy.
4. Clothes (some of them)
– I think one of most popular product to buy online is clothes. Yeah it is easy to buy clothes online but some of them not really matches with your look at the website. To make worst, some of them is not really fit to your body even you give your actual size..
5. Cheap stuff
– Sometimes there website give lower priced. It is really cheap or really old product? Even though they can cut cost on store but the shipping ain’t cheap. They must need the profit so the ridiculous cheap price is really weird.

Reference :- Mainstreet.com

That’s the point from mainstreet. Maybe some of you disagree with it. Just comment below.

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