5 ways to stop wasting food

Wasting food maybe common problem on our daily life. Many of us don’t pay attention about food waste. The statistics of food waste are very surprise. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers from England recently released a report that about 1.2 to 2 billion tons is thrown out before it reaches a human stomach. According to the Natural Resource Defense Council in New York City, food waste costs the country $165 billion a year and takes up 25 percent of our fresh water supply to grow that food.

Not just food waste, it also could waste our money as many food not being used properly. Read this 5 strategies to stop wasting food

1.  Go to the grocery store more

– More frequent shopping. American Wasteland : How America Throws Away Nearly Half of Its Food” says that we often go wrong when we impulse shop and load up our carts until they are overflowing it.
|American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half of Its Food (and What We Can Do About It) |

2.  Upgrade your refrigerator

– Upgrade your refrigerator as some companies offering appliances or gadgetry that may help keep food fresher longer.

3.  Internalize those food storage rules
– Write down and tape the storage food on the refrigerator. The California Milk Advisory Board says if you have a lot of butter, it can be stored in the freezer up for six months. Freezing milk isn’t a good idea as it changes its texture and appearance. For herbs and leafy greens it will keep much longer in the refrigerator if wrapped in a damp paper towerl according to a chef instructor at Natural Gourmet Institute, New York.

4.  Embrace leftovers
– Start planning ahead what you’ll be able to make if you know you’re likely to have leftover.

5. Research before you toss
– Research if you can do anything about the leftover before throw it. It ain’t easy step but you can make anything to leftover. Some farmer using the leftover as their fertilizer.

Source :- Finance MSN

Okay, that’s all some good tips on how to save from leftover. It could save us more money and help to save environment too. Do you have any tips to stop wasting food? Let’s share with me..

Do you know where your money wasting daily? We always throw money whether we know
Do you have a bad habit? Bad habit that involved in money could make you

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