6 Major Pitfalls A Call Centre Industry Needs To Avoid While Dealing With Their Customers

Business owners who are seeking to provide one of the best customer service needs to remain as a abreast of common pitfalls that plague other call centres. More than half of the customers indicate that they would be willing to pay the amount that would lead them with a better customer experience. With a research conducted with more than 1,000 people found that customer service is one of the top factors for consumers when forming an opinion about the company you have been dealing with. Given below are the 6 major pitfalls a call centre industry needs to avoid while dealing with their customers.

Agents not having the required information’s for resolving issues: Why do customers call up the call centre agents? So that they could answer the queries, resolve the issues, and ease the entire process. And what if the call centre agent is not equipped with all the required information that could help them handle the call.

Following up with your customers: Not each and every problem could be resolved in the first call. There would be queries that would require additional information and authority to execute. Customers generally hang up the call and expect the contact centre agents to call back once they are equipped with the tools and the required information. But they never ever do.

Long-time holding on calls: There is nothing more to be frustrating when you have your call being put on hold. Customers would like to have complete attention when they are connected with the call centre agents, something that you could also say as the undivided attention, and when he or she is going to be put on hold then the agent is landing up wasting the most valuable time of his and the customer. Social media channels to this are swarming the distressed customers venting their frustration when their calls are being kept on hold.

Rude customer service: The main job of every call centre industry agent is to serve the customers and help them resolve the issues and complaints that they have been facing through our products and services.


And it’s not the mistake of our customers if there is an issue that has been raised or mix up happens. The call centre agents need to remember that they are getting paid to manage the concerns and complaints of their customers and they have already been paid for their service.

Outsourcing things badly: Outsourcing seems to work well for an organization when they are done in a right manner. But unfortunately there are organizations that are not doing them in a right manner. Outsourcing is the best when you have a well maintained call routing equipment and are responsible for hiring and training the employees, whereas the cons could lead to reduce customer satisfaction due to lingual and communicative barriers or having a staff that are not trained or skilled enough to solve the problems of their clients and customers.

Unlimited call transfers: This is another reason why customers turn out to be frustrated when it comes to a call centre industry. And shuffling the customers from one representative to another could end up in a heated situation. The only thing other than being bounced from one call centre agent to another is asking the customers to bounce themselves. We are unable to solve the queries so kindly call the given number in order to speak to the representative.

To conclude by avoiding the above mentioned pitfalls the call centre industry could build a great opportunity of building a stronger relationship with all your clients and customers. And not that you have no idea about the frustrations your major task here is to deal with them.

Author Bio:

Abhishek Jain is a freelance copywriter with 10 years of experience in Business Process Outsourcing and Contact Centre Services Malaysia. Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the contracting of a specific business task, such as payroll, to a third-party service provider.


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