7 expenses homeowner insurance not cover

Most of homeowner has make an insurance. But do you really know that there’s many cases that insurance don’t cover such as :-

1. Flooding. Rarely an insurance cover flooding. Many homeowner though that the insurance policy cover flood damage but there’s no term to protect you. I don’t know if other’s country have the program but in US there’s a program called National Flood Insurance Program run by FEMA that help homeowners that face of flooding disaster.
2. Earthquakes also rarely put in the insurance policy. FOr those consumers want the earthquake coverage they need to put it individually.
3. SImultaneous events such as two event happene at once and one of the event is not covered by insurance then the policy might not cover the damage.
4. Post traumatic emotional support. If homeowners experience traumatic events because of the natural disaster, they alway need emotional support but the insurance companies typically not cover of the service.
5. Lost wages because of the house damage. They won’t reimburse homeowners for their lost wages of the house damae.
6. Most insurance policies might not cover of the total rebuilding of the house.
7. Burst pipe caused by homeowner negligence also not include in the policy.

Reference :- Homes Yahoo

That’s some of the problem always happen to homeowner and they can’t claim with the insurance companies. Always refer to policy and understand it..

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