7 tips to reduce your restaurant bill

Are you regular restaurant’s customer? You must change your lifestyle and try to eat at home. But to avoid restaurants completely is unnecessary but the cost not cheaper. This is some tips to reduce your restaurant bill

1. Use coupons and promotions. Listen to radio, read newspaper and get any discount from the restaurant. Deals sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial can help you to take advantage of the restaurant promotions.
2. Buy cheap gift certificates. Some of the restaurants give discount if you have the gift certificates.
3. Skip alcohol, soda and order the cheapest drink. And it is good for your health too.
4. Order an entree that includes extra.
5. Order an appetizer as your meal .
6. Check your bill. If you found that the bill is too much ask the server. Sometimes there’s a trap to pay more. Always keep the bill to look the price. Bring the previous bill if you want go to the restaurant for second time.
7. Compare the restaurant price. Check at the website that promote about the restaurant nearby.

Source :- Finances MSN

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But the practical way to reduce restaurant bill is by not going to restaurant. Make your own house as good as restaurant. Decorate your kitchen like an hotel, your food as good as restaurant and the condition like 5 star food court.  You will feel that going restaurant is just waste your money.


If possible you can build your own restaurant too and generate income from it.Maybe it look like a joke statement but I’ve a friends that make a restaurant after his kitchen look more comfortable than common restaurant. From it, he implemented the idea to make a restaurant at his house.  Not at the kitchen but space near his house. And now, he quit his current job and fully operated their house restaurant daily 9.00 am -1.00 pm. His income is double than the income he has earned before but with less working hours.  Look at how much money he save by doing his own restaurant. Too much money isn’t it?

Ops.. Maybe a bit out of topic. As usual, if you have any idea on how to reduce restaurant bill, let’s share with me. Maybe it will help us.

At the end of every month, you check your bank account balance, and your heart
Going shopping in supermarket will slash money than your budgetting if you not properly plan.

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