8 excuses for not saving

Saving ain’t easy and hard to do it. An expert said that we need to save at least 1/4 from our earning for good personal financial. There are plenty of excuses for us to not saving. In this entry I’ll wrote 8 excuses for not saving


‘My spouse makes it impossible to save’
Maybe it’s true that it ain’t easy to save after have a spouse. Most of the biggest spending is educational expenses. Eventhough it is a big problem but you must save some of your money. Discuss with your partner on how to make a good budget and consistently follow it.

‘Prices are rising too fast for me to save’

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Rising price is another big problem. It could cost more than previous month. But that’s not excuse to stop saving. You must adjust your monthly expenses. You must saving money if the prices are rising so you’re not derailed by the unexpected in the future.

‘No one can save in this economy’
It’s hard in the economy as wages not increase but the prices are up. If you wait the economy to get better, then 90% you won’t began saving money.

‘I don’t have the willpower to save’
Most of us facing this problem. Few people have the will power to cut their monthly expenses. It is up to you change your spending habit. Willpower occur if you have it. It won’t come to you if you think negative.

‘I don’t know anything about money’
It is bad excuses. If you can count the money so this excuse is bad. If you really have problem about money, so just follow this blog and read tips at saving tag.

‘I have too many debts to be able to save’

Hey, almost anybody have debt. I’m also have loans to settle. Manage your budget is important to ensure there’s saving for your future. If you have problem, get advice from local personal financial advisor.

‘I don’t make enough to save’
Not all people have big wage. It is hard to save when there not much money in your paycheck. But you must cut out small expenses and you could save a bunch of money.

‘I’ve never been able to save’
It is negative mindset. You must change this first. Make sure that you could save money.

Are you one of them that make above excuses? If yes, then you need to change your lifestyle and behavior. Must save your money for future expenses.

We tend to act out what we believe. Once you believe a certain route to
Money saving is equally, if not more, important as money making. Advices are pouring on

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  1. absolutely, whenever you are going to suggest someone to save, you shall get a lot of excuses. As there is a human tendency always to see the negative side of any of the practical situation. You have clearly stated the most of the excuses given by a common man when he is asked or suggested to save.

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