9 Simple Steps to Own PR1MA House

One of project Malaysian Government to give sustainable house for people is PR1MA. PR1MA Homes come in various shapes and designs, each between RM100,000 to RM400,000 to meet the needs of middle income Malaysia.
So how to own PR1MA house? This is 9 Simple Steps Towared to Own PR1MA House :-

1. Registration
– Create your account at “http://www.pr1ma.my” . Complete your registration and upload all required documents.

2. Launch Notification
– You will be notified of the launch of PR1MA development in your preferred locations. Launched project will also be advertised in the media.

3. Application
– You have to apply for developments that are opened for application as entry for balloting will not be automatic.

4. Balloting
– An open and transparent ‘balloting’ process will be conducted for applicants who have fulfilled all the requirements.

5. Verification
– Once you are balloted, verification of relevant documents will be performed to ensure your eligibility

6. Unit Allocation
– You have the privillege to choose your preferred unit based on availability

7. Property Financing/ Ownership
– Your property end financing is your own choice. However, appointed PR1MA panel bankers would be able to assist your needs via their attactive and financing packages. Furthermore, PR1MA also offers its ‘Rent to Own’ (RTO) program with maximum of 10 years rental scheme with a purchase option to those who qualify.

8. SPA Signing
– Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA) to be signed beween PR1MA and you, the owner/s of the property.

9. Handover of Keys
– Upon completion of the house and upon issuance of Certificate of Completion & Compliance (CCC), the keys and your property will officially be handed over to you, making you a proud owner of a new PR1MA Home.

For further information visist their website at http://www.pr1ma.my

For Malaysian people who still don't have house.. It is a good initiative by government
Due to rise in COVID-19 in Klang, Petaling, Gombak dan Hulu Langat , government announced

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