Am I too late to achieve financial freedom

Previously I wrote about financial freedom and I’ve received some response from several friends. Some of them have reacted positively and there are also some who underestimate my ability to achieve that goal.

For me, the financial freedom is a goal that should have been target by each individual. When we are free from the burden of financial problems we will get a comfortable life in the future.

To free from financial problems, the main thing to do is settle the debt immediately and do a lot of savings for the future. This is important to ensure that we are not plagued with the problem and being able to provide a comfortable life in the time of our retirement.


Coming back to the topic above, am I too late to get financial freedom? If we read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad ‘Robert T Kiyosaki, he stated that every individual should be saving and investing while young age. This ensures that saving is sufficient to cover the next day until the end.

I am writing on because of my age are getting old. I was aged 35 next year. My savings and investments are still few and quite far to reach that target. I’m still single and want to married soon (even I still don’t have candidate’s wife).  That’s still burden and I just have RM20K reserved for my wedding purpose. It ain’t enough because some of friends spend more than that. But I still want to married because it could fill empty that I feel in my heart.  Maybe if I get married next year, my saving will become RM0 or maybe there’s any debt. That’s things that need to avoid.  I don’t want to add any loan and make more debt.

  So, can I’ve achieve financial freedom? I’m still motivated that I can achieve financial freedom. This is my reason:-

  1. If Robert T Kiyosaki retired at 47 years old, I think 50 years old is reasonable to achieve. Maybe I can’t become wealthy like him but I hope at that time I could earn money from my farm. In meantime, I’ve working my pineapple farm. It ain’t easy because my partners not really good and I need to work by myself but it could give me an experience. I could make the experience as knowledge for next project.
  2. As I’ve mention above, debt need to paid quickly. Currently, I’ve 3 main loan ; education loan, car loan and housing loan. If I’ve follow schedule, my loan will be settled on 2015, car loan on 2017 and housing loan on 2038. It is good if I just follow the schedule but it won’t help me to get financial freedom. Maybe after settled the education loan, I’ll paid more for car loan and try to full settlement early 2017. While the settlement has been done to car and education then, my next target is housing loan. If I want to achieve the financial freedom, I need to settle housing loan as fast as 2028. Ten years before the actual schedule. It is hard? Not if I’ve paid more for the loan.
  3. Get another side income. One of side income that I’ve plan is passive income. How to make passive income? There’s a way to do it. I hope for next 10 years, this blog could become more popular than current. If current traffic is about 20 readers per day, I hope for next 10 years I get 20000 readers per day. At that time, I could hire a writer to write at this blog. So, I can create income with this blog. Other than that, I’ve also targeted to write a book (whether it is digital or conventional) and get some passive income.
  4. Learn and learn. It is a must if I want to get better life. Reading book, going to seminar, do some investment. Motivate. Believe in myself. Change to better man. That’s the important part to achieve the goal.
  5. Writing and take note. I’ve started to make systematic budgeting daily, monthly and yearly. Not too late to start.
  6. I believed God will help me. If I still live, my brain still work and I’ve strength, then it is not impossible for me to achieve the target. There’s no old if you still alive.


The conclusion is that I’m still confident that I can get financial freedom.  Age is just a number. If you give in, you still have a chance but if you give up than it is nothing can be done.

Do you want to financial freedom? Most of us want to have enough money and
I just read some tweet about Financial Freedom. She wrote in her tweet Financial Freedom?

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