Apple win over Samsung means to your money

As we know, Apple has win over Samsung over the patents infringed. It is including software features like double-tap zooming and scrolling. Samsung may appeal the ruling but many verdict that it could affect both smarphone users and other industry players.

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What happens to your Samsung phone?
Don’t worry. Even with an injuction, no one can arrest you but it’s possible that your phone could receive a software update that tweaks how it looks and works.

What about your Samsung Galaxy tablet?
Don’t worry. There’s no ruled that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab table infringe on Apple’s design patents for the iPad.

What happen to Android user?
This is worst. Samsung wasn’t able to prove any of Apple’s patent invalid and it could affect other smartphone industry. Apple could go on to sue other companies especially Android maker Google and its hardware partners. Smartphone makers could be sued for similar software infringements.

Will we see any changes to future phone and tablet hardware?
The case will make competitors afraid and won’t want to take risk to being sue. They must create another interface to the user. Okay, it sounds great but it will affect Android user. Maybe there’s cost to make the changes.

Reference :- MOney CNN

Okay, I’m Android smartphone user (not Samsung). The news show that it will affect my money. Will I change phone from Android to Nokia Lumia?

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