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Do you have face this situatin? An old grandmother/grandfather ask you for help to withdraw money from the ATM. I’ve faced the situation and think it is very dangerous for that old people. Maybe he is lucky get the honest person like me, but if he/she ask the wrong person maybe it could lead to lose their money. Barclays cash machines in England and Wales make new technology using that could talk to customers that have problem reading screens. Barclays ,one of biggest bank in the UK make the technolgy at the 3,000 ATMs. The technolgy be used by plugging the earphones for customers to listen the options being read out.

They will provide the facility on such a mass scale up and down the country to help dsylexia people and anyone who prefer listen than reading it. Barclays spokesman said that the technolgy will be able to use for the cash machine and work with most standard earphone. A Make Money Talk campaign was launched last Septembeer by RNIB for banks in UK to provide ATMS with audio facilities. RNIB director said

“We are delighted that Barclays has fulfilled its commitment to our Make Money Talk campaign and become the first major bank to roll out speech enabled ATMs.
“We believe banks in the UK should provide ATMs with audio facilities for their blind and partially sighted customers, across their ATM networks.”

Barclays will put the locations of their talking cash machines on its website.


Hope the ATM talk technology will come across around the world. There’s many people need to used this technology too.

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