Avoid the Biggest Mistake of Financial Planning for Special Kids

It ain’t easy when we’ve a special need kids. It need more money than ordinary kids but it is a special from God. We need to make sure this kids get a better life. This is some of the guidance from MassMutual’s Special Care Division :-

1. Create A Letter of Intent.
– You need to find what the special needs in a letter of intent. It can give trustees for your child. Get the details information as medical history, preffered care and living arrangements. You also need to arrange who will care your child when you’re gone.

2. Get a Special Care Planner
– Maybe you need an expertise in the complex process. Lawyers, accountants and caregivers can help you to plan your finance and your child health.

3. Create a Supplement Special Needs Trust
– You can allocate money at the trust and it will help you to get special needs for your child.

4. File for Legal Guardianship
– You can’t become your children legal guardian forever. Parents must apply to be legal guardians and you can get benefits from government.

Source :- DailyFinance

The process is depend on the country but I think this tips will help special kids parent. Don’t think it is a burden because the child will help you in heaven.

One of the best things that you can do as a parent is teaching your
Children need to learn about money especially how to manage it. You need to demonstrate

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