Bankruptcy at a young age

What are your feelings hold status of bankruptcy at a young age? Maybe you can not afford to pay credit card debt that reached thousands of dollars. Or maybe always changing cars even though your financial are not quite qualified to do so.
Or the bad thing, you also are able to be a guarantor of loans of others and have the right to determine their own personal needs, especially in the aspects of property purchases and so on. And you declare bankrupt because of that person not paid the loan.

There’s okay to meet basic needs, but without careful financial planning the risk will await.

The promotion and sales that effect especially when employers announced an increase in salary and bonuses. At the same time the bank also made their product and its employees to make campaign promises to attract the customer.


Perhaps what is happening today is not same as 20 to 30 years ago. In last decade, our purchasing power is too low but the situation is very different now.

Do not be complacent not want to save money and enjoy your style is, because one bad move you will get pain, not sleeping well, the pressure here and there.

To make matters worse, the age that can still be categorized younger but you are blacklisted by the banking institution and becoming bankrupt or worse.

Bankruptcy occurs when there is a situation the inability to pay back debts, liabilities, entities, assets or any other method in the paper currency transactions to the creditors than the period allowed.

Sometimes it may be the circumstances that caused the individual caught in this situation. Lack of knowledge in financial management knowledge can be a source of a person trapped into bankruptcy.

In conclusion, for those new to work, calculate where your money is spent, not extravagant. Keep in your mind about your financial and plan for longer term measures. No need to pay hundreds of phone bills, no bills to pay satellite television station, expensive clothes, cars or dining in style with just enough moderate lifestyle and increase the monthly allowance for the blessing of parents. Bankruptcy is a last option for you.

Most of young people spend too much and don't have a good financial management. I've
KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 7): A total of 11,559 people have been declared bankrupt from October

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