Basic Rules for Getting Rich

Who want to be rich? I’m one of them but it ain’t easy as we think. There’s many things we must do. This is the basic rules for getting rich :-
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1. Focus on what’s most important
– To become a wealthy person, we need to invest. Where to invest and how to invest an important to get rich. Save the money as much as we can.

2. Make a family decision
– You must know when to retire. Determine how much money you’ll need and get an agreement from your partner when to retire.

3. 3 ways to get out of debt
– Just pay off the credit debt.
– Get interest free balance transfee card.
– Use the tools or calculators to come up with an aggressive schedule to erase the debt.

4. Fill up your 401(k)
– Not all country have 401(k) scheme but mostly have any kind of retirement saving. Use the money and invest it.

5. Get a pro to help with the plans.
– Get an advice from an expert how to solve your money problem.

6. Know your number
– You must know about the number related on your life..

7. Set your goals but keep on focus. Don’t make to much goals and make it reasonable.

Reference :- Finance Yahooo

Hopefully this rules could help me to become a rich blogger in 5 years. Could this become reality?

I think it is important to expose some simple tips on financial management, and everyone
17 Years old become multi millionaire Maybe some of you have heard this. A 17

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