Bersih 4.0 good for this people economy

As we know, there’s a rally about political in Malaysia called ‘Bersih 4.0’. Not only in Malaysia but also throughout the world.
Some people said that this could broke economy. I can’t comment whether it will affect overall economy but I know there’s some people can gain some money there.
Among them are :-

1) T-shirt seller. There’s thousand people wearing same yellow t-shirt. For those could manipulate it, could sell the T-shirt whether at the shop or online. If you could sell it about RM15 you could get big profit.

Unluckily I’m government servant and it is big risk to sell those shirt for protestor. Maybe the seller said that they just get RM2-3 from selling price but whose know. Maybe they could sell 10,000 and it just for a week.
Isn’t it great? He/she also could sell it in bulk for some community. I think there’s another parade in the future. And this t-shirt company will try to grab this opportunity as much as they can.

2) The mineral water seller. In this parade, there’s thousand will shouted for their right. Mineral water is a basic drink for them. You can sell RM1 only but you still have a profit about RM0.20. If you could sell about 5,000 bottle for a day you could gain RM100 profit only for an hour.
But it is a big risk if the parade is uncontrolled.

3) The meal supplier. Whether it is for parade supporter or police agency, the catering could gain some profit. For nasi lemak and teh tarik, they could sell around RM4.00 which they could get profit around RM2.00. It could give them some a day profit.

4) Printing company. You will see many banners. Some of them written by themselves but some of them doing professionally. The printing company could get many order at this day. Do you think how much money they could gain from this ?


5) Telco company. In the parade, many people will share about their activity. Do you think your sharing is free? They will charge you the data you used. Most of the data is picture which means it eat more bandwith. So, they will gain more money while the people in parade top up their data. Using wireless? It can’t when hundred thousand try to get the free wifi too.

6) News company. It is including newspaper, online newspaper. They could get many visitor today. It means, they could gain money and popularity. More viewers means that advertising company will try to grab this opportunity. And sometimes, they could charge people to view some special news.

7) Public transportation. In public holiday, the usage of public transportation could go down but this day it could be higher. People won’t go the location using their own car. They know it will have roadblock or jammed. So, using public transportation such as LRT, PUTRA could save them. It means many people will using it to go their destination.

Okay, that’s all. For those people go to the parade, ‘ ALWAYS MAKE A SAFETY FIRST, DON’T PAY ANYTHING UNLESS YOU NEED IT’. 

For those who make profit on this parade, ‘BEWARE, BECAUSE MANY PEOPLE WILL SCOLD YOU AFTER READ THIS’

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