Beware of Get Rich Quick Schemes

There are various types of the illegal deposit taking activity, in which each of these methods are different.Illegal deposit taking such an activity commonly known as a “get rich quick schemes”. The amount of money to be deposited or invested in ‘ rich quick schemes ‘ have specific terms. Organizer will provide assurance that the deposit will have a higher profit than what is offered by licensed financial institutions.Return or profit is a result of high public interest to invest in this scheme.At the start of the scheme, the organizer will use the deposit money received from new depositors to pay returns to previous depositors trees. In general, the organizer do not invest the deposits received in the investment company. Thus, they can not continue to bear the payment of returns to existing investors. If no deposit is received by the organizer or the scheme is revoked, it will fail and the investors or depositors will lose their money.



Rich Quick Schemes

Depositors who are involved include all levels of society who want high returns fast without taking into account the risks involved. They are probably aware of the risk is high but still chose to ignore the high risk.
Risk join rich quick schemes:

Burdensome and harmful to yourself and family if they have been using all their savings or get loans from banks or cooperative only to join the scheme. They will quickly poor, not a get rich quick.

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Facing charges of abetting or conspiring in the hararn deposit-taking activities. The penalty for the offense of conspiracy is the same as that imposed on promoters of illegal deposit-taking activities.

Nowadays there’s more new rich quick schemes method. The latest using social network such as facebook as their media to create this scheme.

So beware of ‘get rich quick schemes’. Most of them are Scam and just want to steal your money. Never lose your money at this scheme.

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