Big money spend today – Car Tyre and Working shoes

Today I just want to write my personal financial expenses. It is because there’s big spending that will effect my wallet. Fortunately I’ve started an individual ledger (just starting this month) to trace my daily expenses.

Back to the topic my big expenses today is only 2 item :-

1. Change all my car tyres. I have been planning to change tires after getting a bonus last month but it was delayed. As the driving feel uncomfortable because the steering feels heavy and shaky then I think change is necessary immediately. This should be done to avoid a more severe problem resulting in a need to spend more money in the future.I was charged a fee of RM624.00. The price includes tire service and tire alignment. Actually I’ve been doing research on tire prices and it pays off. The workshop is also frequented the workshop if my car is damaged or want to do periodic service. Already familiar with the staff and the owner of the workshop. In addition I was also satisfied with the work and the explanation made ??by the mechanics involved. They shed light on the problem and things to do in car care. Sure it helps in the future.

2. Purchase of work shoes. This purchase had to be done as the old work shoes have suffered damage to his shoe site. It can change the shoe soles shoe repairers shop but since there are bargains in the supermarket nearby so I decided to buy than repair it.
I got the shoes are worth the price of only RM111.00. Cheap price for a pair of shoes. If it is valuable to follow the actual price RM370.00. Although I do not believe the actual price but still feel the price is the price that should be purchased.

Actually I want to buy a shirt and pants for a discounted price of some pretty exciting brands. This is definitely the end of deduction that is often done by any supermarket. But I’m not buy as saleswomen in the supermarket continue to send shoes to the counter. It is different because most of salesperson will just give the receipt and the shoe on the box to me. Maybe she think I’m poor and just can buy one item only. Maybe my personality that just wearing a t-shirt and slippers look I don’t have money.. Okay, I do not blame saleswoman because it is the perception that will occur in anyone.
So to this day I have spent RM734.00 for daily expenses. Perhaps this figure is quite large and does not give good returns but it is important for the safety and credibility of the self.

The important thing is to record his daily expenses to ensure daily budget under control. Daily receipts should also be kept to enable us to check back daily transactions. How about your expenses? Do you record it?

Financial planning is important to be successful financially. If an individual does not practice financial
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