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I just get email about how $12 can turn you in to a bitcoin millionaire. It is funny when received this kind of email. Read this :
Hello & Good News,

Bitcoin is big business. The Bitcoin market is
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Bitcoin Millionaire

As I’ve search about bitcoin millionaire I’ve found that the founder has been arrested on money laundering charges. Charlie Shrem, the 24 year old ran New York’s currency exchange was arrested last month at John F Kennedy Airport after he allegedly attempted to sel $1m of Bitcoins to a user of Silk Road.Bitcoin millionaire founder

Critics of Bitcoin claim the virtual currency is a magnet for money launderers who use it to fuel black market trading and terrorism. They also argue that it is precarious because it is not regulated by any central bank and the code on which it is based is complicated an intangible.

Source :- Telegraph

// So beware of this kind of scam that could steal our money

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