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Another finance related blog that I’m recommend you to read. In this article, the blog I want to share called ‘ Good Financial Cents’.


The blog titile making ‘cents’ of your financial life really make me think that this blog will help us to create cents in our life. Maybe it is not just get money but also how to manage money. The blog Good Financial Cents is found by Jeff. I don’t know what his full name as it not written in the blog.
He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, the CEO of his wealth management firm and also wrote one of best selling financial book Soldier of Finance. Ooo.. I just found that his name is Jeff Rose and also army veteran with extensive combact experience.
He is an expertise in finance so this blog is recommend for us to follow.

His latest article is 5 Fantastic Summer Productivity Tips for Businesspeople. Eventhough I’m not really a businesspeople but the article is really good to share. The 5 tips mention from the article is
1) Start Your Day With the High Five
2) Take Breaks to Avoid Overwhelm
3) Grab the Gear You Need to Thrive
4) Transcribe Everything Necessary
5) Have Your Phone Remind You

It has explained detail on the point above but I won’t written on this article. Maybe you can read the article and get some clear picture about the tips.

Other article that good to read is 15 Tips for a Happy Retirement.
Do you want to retire in good condition ? Without worry about money? Jeff give 15 tips such as :-

1) Control Your Spending
2) Make Time For Your Family
3) Don’t Get Burned on Taxes
4) Consider a Part Time Job to Stay Active
5) Don’t Forget About Long-term care insurance

| What Is A Life Insurance Policy|

6) Have Your Estate Planning in Order
7) Know Exactly How Much You Need to Live on Each Month
8) Have a Good Financial Advisor

|10 Questions to ask a financial advisor

9) Have a Portion of Your Assets in an Annuity For Safety
10)Have a Portion of Your Assets in AssetLock™
11)Make Out a Bucket List
12)Never Stop Learning!
13)Don’t Abandon Your Emergency Fund!
14)Take Even Better Care of Your Health Than Ever Before
15)Do Your More Exotic Traveling Early in Your Retirement

That’s 15 tips is really good if you want an happy retirement. Do you agree?

Blogwalking is one of my hobbies. A finance related blog is a must at least
Hello.. Most of blogger writing with their own reason. Some of them writing because of

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