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Blogwalking is one of my hobbies. A finance related blog is a must at least an hour per week. In this article, I’ll share another finance blog related that great to follow:-


A blog written by a blogger name Pauline. She blog about money, travel, simple and deliberate living, freedom and choices. The related topic with yourfinancialblog is money and I love to read it.
Her latest entry (May 22,2015) is about ‘Add build value to your home this summer’. In reality, in my place there’s no Summer but her article still help.
If we want to sell house, we can use her tips to add our home value’s. The tips including loft space, kitchen remodeling and a nice conservatory. This could help to increase the value from prospect buyer which is good for us to gain profit from resale house.

Other’s good article is about ‘Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business’. I’ve make a business and project before. Most of them failed. After I’ve read her article, I know that why I’m failed.
The reason that could make my business failed as her mention such as ‘Not having a solid business plan’, ‘miscalculating running cost’, ‘not seeking advice’ and ‘not anticipating change’. It is great for me to found this blog as it will help me a lot.
Are you want to make business startup? I’m one of them. The article about Ways To Raise Money to Fund Your Business Startup is also a great article. Going to kickstarter to gend fund? It is a way that I’ve never heard before.
Other tips such as host an event and sell beautiful calendars is not good enough to make my mind agree with the method. Eventhough this article is not really great but it give me some idea about business startup. I want to build business startup soon as my plan to retire as a salary man.

Her article is easy to understand and I’m recommend you to follow her blog.

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