Broken after Hari Raya

After celebrating festive our money will lose whether we know where it going or not. As I’m celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri, there’s much money being used in the week or maybe months.

To control the usage of money ain’t easy but we still can manage it if we do it properly. In my state, I’ve put budget on my expenses first. I’ve divide the money that being used for Hari Raya such as travel expenses, house decoration, foods to be served and other expenses. Luckily, I got bonus from my company so I could spend it more for festive.

I know that most of us will get headache after Hari Raya as more money will be spend. Maybe some of them want to show their new car, new furniture and bring more foods. It become worst when they get a loan for the preparation. If you have lose too much money in Hari Raya and count day for salary it is a terrible month for you. My advice is you must do this to ensure your money won’t be any worst :-

1) Go to work with lunchbox from home. You can cut cost spending for lunch at office. If your friend invite you to their open house, you can go but look at the mileage. If it is too long and your budget for gas is not enough, get an excuse. Get a reasonable excuse because you must know your own budget.
2) Cut cost for travel. I know that this month is to visit your family but this is critical situation. Your finance is getting trouble if you just going out if the budget is not enough.
3) Eating the balance of your kuih raya. Maybe it is funny idea but in this time you need to save and this is one good idea.
4) Saving on electricity. Don’t waste too much on your electric watching television. Do healthy activity that could fill your time.
5)Pray to God.. It is the best solution for any activities

Okay, that’s some of my tips for those who broken after Hari Raya.


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