Budget 2017 survey : Living cost and housing among public’s top concerns

Many Malaysians can’t wait to see Budget 2017 that will be announce this on 21st October 2016.
From the two week survey at Prime Minister’s web portal (https://bajet2-17.najibrazak.com/survey), the issue cost of living, housing and urban issues and healthcare are the top concerns from the public.

It show that many people want government to solve about the high cost of living especially for those living in urban place. It become a big issue and must be take a higher place on Budget 2017. An expensive cost of housing also a big problem as many middle and low income people couldn’t afford to buy housing.
The issue about a strictness of bank also need an attention at Budget 2017.

From the survey, cost of living topped the list for 26% of the respondents, followed by housing and urban issues (12%) and healthcare services (7%).
Education ranked 5% while public security and transparency, jobs and economic development 5%.

A total of 8,532 suggestions were received with the top five categories being jobs education, public transportation and infrastructure, taxation, business and finances and housing and urban issues.
The deadline was Sept 21.

Hopefully, the survey will be reviewed and could be include in the Budget 2017. I think most of people want review of GST as it effect our cost of living. The news of toll hike also need to be clarify. It ain’t help as citizen need to pay for everything while some of MINISTER don’t cut their expenses.
Other issue of cost of healthcare need to be review. It is a must especially next year will be an election. Ops. I don’t want to talk about politic.
Source:- The Star

Before this, I've written about summary on Malaysia Budget 2017 and discuss whether it is
As we know, last Friday Malaysia Prime Minister, Najib Abdul Razak has tabled Budget 2017.

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