Budget 2021 : IT will become important part

Budget 2021 will become challenging as we heard many rumor about it. It become more challenging as COVID-19 become worst in our country.
It will cover four broad themes

1) Caring dor the people
2) Steering the economy
3) Sustainable living
4) Enhancing Public Service Delivery

This includes a gross development expenditure of RM60bil, 5.2% lower than the projected 2020 allocation of RM341.6bil, according to TA Research. This will lead to a fiscal deficit of 5.5% in 2021.

Revenue is expected at RM238.4bil in 2021,3.3% higher than 2020, supported by higher tax contributions from corporations and individuals but lower dividend payment from Petroliam Nasional Bhd at RM20bil from RM24bil each in the last two years because of lower oil prices.

The RM84.6bil deficit is expected to be financed through borrowings, which will raise the debt-to-GDP ratio closer to the self-imposed 60%, and disposal of assets, says TA.

To earn more, the plan is to expand the tax base via sales and service tax expansion, inheritance, capital gains or carbon tax, according to RHB Research.

A windfall tax on glove makers is being considered, so is gaining more from digital taxes.

Even number forecast operators’ draw replacement has been suggested, but vital to plug leakages across the entire government machinery to save cost.The shadow economy is thriving and measures may be introduced to de-incentivise it and address revenue leakages.

What Tengku Zafrul needs to be mindful of is that cash payouts must not be stopped and only meant for the deserving rakyat, jobs be created, and tax payers – especially the middle income earners – not be overly burdened.

All these measures to be implemented should lay the foundation for the government to tackle the structural issues in the 12th Malaysia Plan that will be revealed in January, adds RHB Research.

Source :-The Star

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