Budget-Friendly & Green Ways to Use Your Water Heater

Water heaters make a big part of the electricity bill even though most households don’t actually use up all the heated water. In that respect, controlling the amount of heat one uses for water will not only result in a lower electricity bill, but an energy-efficient and eco-friendly lifestyle as well.

Showers instead of baths

Baths are definitely nice and relaxing, but for daily needs it would be best to go with showers. Baths use a lot more hot water than a shower would. Talk to the other household members about having only short showers and forget about standing under hot water for a long time. Of course, if you want to be really smart about your water usage, turn off the water when you use soaps and shampoos, or shave.


Lower heater temperature

You definitely won’t feel the difference if you lower the heater temperature to around 50°C. Combined with short showers, everyone in your household will get their fair share of warmth in the bathroom but you’ll also reduce the cost of water heating in the long run. Of course, in order for this tip to work really well, you should turn the water off when you brush your teeth.

Check for leaks

Water drips might not seem like a big deal, but in the long run these can really increase the expenses as well as the water waste. Therefore, if there are any leaks, make sure you fix them.

Control the flow

Low-flow fixtures for faucets and showerheads are a really small investment compared to the amount of money and water you’re going to save later on. These special fixtures will regulate the amount of water you use, but you’ll still experience the same pleasure and efficiency of your daily activities that require water.


In order to prevent hot water from going cold when you’re not using it, you might want to consider insulating the water tank as well as water pipes. This can make a significant difference on your monthly electrical bill. Still, different types of tanks and pipes require different kinds of insulation and, as experienced Hazlet-based plumbers advise, it’s essential that you ask for a professional service to do this for you in order for the final result to be satisfying.

Water heater timer

Installing a timer that would automatically turn off your water heater at night or other times when there’s simply no need for further usage is another great way to go green and energy efficient with your electricity.


New water heater

Old homes come with old water heaters. If you’re living in a place that has an old type of water heater it might be fairly difficult to make the necessary changes and upgrade it effectively. If this is the case, definitely consider buying a new water heater that’s especially designed to be energy efficient. This might be your biggest investment regarding this issue, but it will definitely pay off in the long run since these energy efficient heaters use less electricity and water.


Dishwasher and washing machine

Appliances such as dishwasher and washing machine can use up a lot of hot water. Therefore, make sure to use these appliances only for full loads of laundry and dishes. Moreover, you don’t always need to use hot water for rinsing cycle. Actually, cold water for rinsing is more than acceptable, and some laundry loads can be completely washed with cold water only.

Investments here and there can undoubtedly help a lot with minimizing the energy consumption, but if you’re not ready to make these investments immediately, there is still no excuse for not making an effort to smartly and efficiently use your water heater and change up your routine in order to prevent the excess use of electricity.

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