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For those who followd yourfinancialblog maybe know that I’m starting to buy a stock. On Monday, I just bought DRB stock. It is only a beginning for my life to involved in stock market. Today I just bought cheaper stock but in more quantity NPW Holdings .
It is my 2nd stock. There’s many feeling such as afraid to lose my investment and others negative feeling. But I’ve learned that the investment has a risk. As my mentor said, if you want to invest in stock make sure your money is not from loan or emergency funds.
Don’t overused it. As I’ve got bonus last month and the money still enough untill next salary, I’ve put another RM500 for another investment. Total investment for starting is RM1,002.00 plus RM10.60 starting fee. Hopefully I could get profit after 3-4 months.
As I’ve mentioned on my previous entry, I’m more on long term investment and more on Fundamental Analysis. It means that I need to know about the company profile. That’s the main reason I’ve choose DRB Hicom as it is well known company.
For my second stock, I’ve follow my remisier recommendation. Before this, I want to buy a stock from Siggas but she advice to cancel buying the share as the amount is high. I’m follow the recommendation as one of my friends advice for starter you need to follow your broker/remisier advice.

For your information, I’ve bought the stock for RM0.21 cent per share. Hopefully it could rose RM0.30 cent for this months. Could it possible? I don’t know but that’s not impossible

I’ve visit NWP Holdings Berhad and it show that this company has been listed on the main market of Bursa Malaysia since November 2000. It means they have been trading around 17 years old. The company is involved in manufacturing and trading of a wide range of quality timber producst.
They also provides sawmilling, logging and sustainable forest management services and solutions.
|NWP website |

My aim for the second stock is to get at least 30% profit as I want to add volume to DRB Hicom stock and buy another cheap stock. Eventhough I’m looking for dividend profit but I also will sell the stock if I could reach the best sales value.
Today, I’ve learn about capital gain and dividend. Learn from one of my mentor about how dividend paid and know when the best time to buy stock that have dividend. My mentor also said that after dividend giving to the company shareholder, the stock value will decreased.
But don’t panic as it could stabil after some time. I know that it will take time for my share to rose so in this week I just need to monitor my share value. Hopefully it could help me as I want to invest in gold this year especially after I’ve finish my car loan debt.

How about that? Do you have any tips investing on stock market? Let’s share with us.

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