Buying An Article From Digital Point ?

Buying an article is one way to get an unique article. In my early days involved in yourfinancialblog I’ve bought some article from DigitalPoint.
Some of the article is really good and some not really good. After more than 3 years without login at digitalpoint, I just look at the site. Look at the article that being offer it look good.
However, I don’t have money at paypal and it is my resistance to buy article at the place. As I’ve look, the forumers sell the article around $5.00-$10.00 based on them.

I know some of you disagree using this method as it is not a similar your written style but it is okay for me. The reason I bought the article is to get some idea and learn on how the article being able to become their salary.
For expertise to wrote an article around 1,000 word it not hard. They could do it after getting experience wrote the similar topic before and do some adjustment.
I think some of you who have experience in writing could sell your article on Digitalpoint. It is one of most popular place for buy and selling article.
Not only about form, they also provide Advertising platform on the digital point.

I think I will active again especially to gain some money from selling link place as I’ve done before.
Okay, that’s some short article for today. Do you have any experience at Digital Point? Let’s share with us as it will give some idea to make money . Or do you have any better sites to sell or buy an article?

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