CEO gives his entire $3 Million bonus

Have you heard people give his entire bonus to others? It ain’t common to see especially the bonus is very high. But it happens at Chinese.   Yang Yuanqing , the CEO of  Lenovo , a major Chinese computer parts maker do that charity. He gives all $3 million bonus received to 10,000 lower-ranked employees in Lenovo’s offices, factories and call centers.

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Do you think he is crazy to throw away the money? No, the bonus in only part of the $14 million that he has been awarded in various ways including salary, stock and other benefits he received working at Lenovo. So, he just gives not more than 1/3 of his income.

Lenovo’s has become a rise market for PCs. It has past DELL and gap between HP in the global market. It show how good  Yang Yuanqing operates the Lenovo to become a great company.

Source :- Finance yahoo

His action must be followed by others CEO. They won’t become poor if just do this but will get honor from employee and maybe can run from bonus tax. Am I right?

How about you if become CEO? Will you donate your bonus to employee?



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