Challenges of writing financial blog

I just look at my first post in this blog and it is about 3 1/2 years. It is such a long time. Not an easy task to write a blog and it is quite challenging to still write in this niche.
For this entry, I’ll just share the challenges that I’ve faced while writing this blog.

1. The biggest problem is I’m not an expert in financial. Truly, I’ve also facing a financial problem. But times to times, I learn what I’m write, copy and paste at this blog. Slowly, I’m improved my finance and I think I’m in good financial state. Even though I’ve facing big problem this year but I can manage my money properly.
This year, I’ve wrote many unique entry and mostly based on my experience. I’m also reading more financial book to give more knowledge and input for this blog. For example, I’ve read Rich Dad Poor Dad and share it at this blog.
2. Other main issue is my English writing. I’m not good in English and I know I’ve a grammar problem. I can write the blog in my mother language ( Malay) but I want to challenge myself. Writing a niche that I’m not expert and writing in English is quite challenging. Writing in English also could help me to gain better target traffic reader. If I’m writing in Malay, the traffic is just from my country, Malaysia but writing in English could help me to get traffic worldwide. It is good for me to improve myself.
3. To get traffic. Writing without traffic is just waste time. It won’t easy to gain traffic as there’s many financial blog out there. The competition is very intense and not easy to win reader’s heart. Honestly, my traffic is low ( average 40 reader per day) and it is frustrating as I’ve wrote this blog for 3 years. But I’m not give up and searching what I could do to improve this blog traffic. If you want to help me, just share the article at your social media network.
4. I don’t have big capital. Why want capital? For domain and hosting, I’ve enough fund but for design, SEO I don’t enough capital. Why need the capital for this? It is important because it could attract reader. This year, I just invest money to redesign my blog theme. It is simple, fast loading and easier to read. It cost me about RM350. As I’m not good in design and programming I think the cost is worthy.
5. Time resistance. I’m not full time blogger so it is hard for me to write everyday. I’m also have another blog that need to update regularly. It is hard but I’ve discpline myself to write. If I can’t I’ll use oldest entry to republish.
6. Others problem such as internet connection problem, computer problem also a challenges for me but I still can handle it.

Okay that’s all for today. I hope I could write this financial blog as long as I can. Maybe another 3 years this blog has grown bigger and bigger. Just pray for that time..
For those want to write financial blog, just do it. Maybe your challenge not same as me and maybe you can become better than me.

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