Cheapest way to aid charities

Not all us have a budget for charities. You want to help them but the budget is tight. This is another way to donate to charity without effect much of your budget :-

1. Develop a plan. Lisa Endlich, the author of  ‘Be the Change’ recommend people to focus one or two things matter that most to them and will affect others most. Inspiration could come from anything such as movies, conversation with friend or blog article. It will help the charity and not just using the money.

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2. Learn everything you can about your chosen cause. Studying up on your cause doesn’t need much money. You will get more informed and giver.
3. Give of yourself literally. You can signing up to be an organ donor or giving blood. It not require cost but you still give an expensive donation for those who want the organ/blood.
4. Give your time to become a volunteerer. You can sign up at hospital or any other charity house. It not just a helping but could bring more network for your life.
5. Give your unused item. There’s many charity need items such as clothes, shoe, book,etc. If you have old item that not used, you can give it to charity.
6. Make sure your donation is being used wisely. Check for the charity organizer. Ensure they are really not a scam.

Okay, that’s some cheapest way for you to aid for charities. It not required much money but still valuable.

Nowaday, there's many scam that steal money using charity. How to know it is scam?
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