Coin that worth of $1.15 million

Wow.. A coin that worth $1.15 million? It is such an expensive penny. That’s only happened if your coin is rare experimental penny minted in 1792. The antique coin was auctioned off at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center in Chicago. Kevin Lipton of Beverly Hills bouthg the penny on behalf of a group of unnamed investor. The winning bid was $1 million but the winner must pay the auction house’s 15 percent commission.
What the coin made that become too expensive? It is made from copper and incases a small plug of silver. The silver make the penny heavier. The old coin only has 14 in the world and never actually put into circulation. The same coin was sold at a public auction in 1974 and cost for $105,000.00.

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Source :- Huffingtonpost
Okay, check at your backyard or any history place. Maybe you will find the coin that cost million dollar? Who’s know.

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