College Dropout Turns Worm Poop into Millions

Another college dropout become a millionaire but this is not from computer but this guy named Tom Szacky get all the money from your garbage.
His company, TerraCycle collect the materials from your garbage and builds new, high quality consumer goods out of them like new plastic bins, packing materials, shopping bags, toys and office supplies.


Szacky was born in Hungary and emigrated with his family to the U.s when he was a child. On 2001, Szacky and his Princeton roommate started feeding cafeteria leftovers to an army of earthworms. That worms ate the food and the pair discovered that the worm’s waste- worm poop or liquid compost was an ultra-effective garden fertilizer. At one point they had over 10,000 worms in bucket in their rooms.

Outsmart Waste: The Modern Idea of Garbage and How to Think Our Way Out of It

The duo knew the idea of the fertilizer and dropped out of Princeton and decided to focus full time on their idea. They began bottling their produce using old soda bottles collected from recycling bins.

With no factory or bottling system, they decided to turn to local schools to send in their used soda bottles and it worked. The hand-bottled and labeled over 100,000 containers of plant food and in the process , unwittingly created the world’s first product both made from and packaged entirely from the waste.
Over a decade letter, TerraCycle has grown into a company with annual revenues of over $20 million.

Source :- Yahoo Finance

// I like this story as I’ve try the worm project on 2002 when it become phenomenon in Malaysia. But it stopped and my project also failed. Dunno if other’s worm people succed.

The moral of the story is keep believing in what you do. Success ain’t easy and sometimes it comes from easier sources.

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