Coolest Corporate Headquarters

How you feel about your office? It is really cool and make you feel happy? If you ask me, my office is totally boring and dull. When I read about the coolest office I think it is better to share it. These workplaces are totally cool :-

1. Red Bull, London
All of us know about Red Bull as a popular energy drink in the world and sponsored of many sport event around the world. In 2011 they sold 4.6 billion cans worldwide. Back to the topic, look at the office picture below. Look very calm.
2redbullmain png 175012
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3redbullsecondary png 175012
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2.Metrick System
The office very antique. There’s a golf car in their office and the workplace not look like other office. Cool
4metrickmain png 175012
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5 Metricksecondary png 175012
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3. Skywalker Ranch, Marin Country
It is the headquarters of the filmaker, George Lucas. It is not common office, it more look like a house.
6 Skywalker Ranch Main png 175018
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7skywalkersecondary png 184036
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4. Google, Zurich
The most famous search engine, Google. The office is more cool. With environmental looking.
8googlemain png 175017
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9googlesecondary png 175019
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5. Twitter, San Francisco
Twitter, the giant social media with the cool design. Look like a restaurant than an office.
10twittermain png 175018
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11twittersecondary png 175023
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Photo By CNBCC

Source :- Finance Yahoo
The environment like this office could give more motivation to worker. They also can reduce their stress by working in this such beautiful environment. Hopefully one day, I could make my own office better than those office. Can I?

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