Create a personal budget for teen

Many people think that budgeting is something that is not important and consider it as a deterrent to spending. Instead, the actual budget is a plan that allows you to shop without being completely wrong about it. It really gives you the freedom!You must have the determination to get started. The first step is often difficult, but once you have taken, it is getting young.The first step is to recognize how much you get it NOW!. Many teens seem to focus on their turnover and make the budget accordingly, that they are more likely to spend their future income to finance their current lifestyles. That’s a common mistake made by many people and this can lead to problems in the future. You need to record all expenses for the next 30 days to write in a diary or a book budget (or you can use the Excel spreadsheet, if you are computer literate). In addition, you must keep all receipts and note the purpose of the purchase. After 30 days, you have to study and isolate the requirements of desire. By doing so, you will get to know the true nature of its expenditure, and this will help provide a more realistic budget.

Words of wisdom

Think for a moment when you wait to buy something that you WANT but do not actually NEED. Whether you indulge yourself to purchase or you have committed to not buy it.? It is sometimes not easy, but a way to cope is to make a Test Bed (Sleep Test). Anytime you WANT to buy something, do not buy it immediately but once home and think about it. If you still have the desire to purchase goods in the morning, think about it any longer! Eventually you will probably lose interest and do not want to buy it.

Basic tip to create personal budget for teen

1. Start your budget within three (3) First month you work
2. To distinguish between NEED and desire
3. Do not rush to buy something; Adopt the attitude of the Decision Pending
4. Record all your daily expenses and expenses of each week review
5. Reduce expenses wherever possible and salurkannya weekly into the emergency savings
6. Remember, create a budget for YOURSELF FIRST FINANCING by your paycheck before making any other payments

Financial planning is important to be successful financially. If an individual does not practice financial
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