Dating Someone With a ton of Debt

I just read about a Q&A at finance Yahoo about people dating someone with a ton of student debt. It is a common problem that many couple facing today. They just meet their partners without knowing he/she has a ton of debt.

How to deal with partners with a ton of debt ?

In my opinion, if you know it before wedding, then you could consider break. Okay, maybe it is a harsh decision but I’ve seen many couples divorced because of the debt they need to settle. Not just the individual that make a loan but also their partner will face the problem.  There’s many people single and available that you can choose. Get the partner with financial freedom.

But if you still love your partners and want to live happily with him/her, then you need to strict on your expenses. You must discuss with your partners about the debt that he/she bring. Keep in your mind that you need to settle the personal loan first. Make sure you can settle the debt with your partner before you get children. If impossible, try to make sure the debt not effect on your saving, daily expenses, and children education expenses.

happily-ever-afterYou must educate your partner on how to manage finance properly (you can follow this blog to get many tips). You must make a monthly budget consistently.  Always discipline while spending and don’t make any new loan. Make an investment but don’t take risk to gamble on the portfolio that’s a big risk.

The main part is honestly. You must honest with your partner about financial status and your partner also need to do the same. Financial is important in the marriage or it will doom your relationship.

How about that’s? Do you have any idea on how to deal after dating someone with a ton of debt ? Let’s share with us.

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