Dealing with Insurance Problem

Dealing with insurance could be frustating to deal. With medical, life or disability insurance, a company may reject if you have an existing medical problem and are therefore more likely to file a claim.
Here are seome strategies to employ if you’re denied coverage :


Ask the insurer why you were denied
– They won’t denied your claim easily. Ask them the reason. Perhaps the company made a mistake or misinterpreted some information that you provided in your application.

Request a copy of your medical information file
– You can request your medical information file from your medical provider. If you find a mistake on your report, you have the right to request that it be fixed. However, the burden is on you to prove that the information in your file is incorrect.
It is hard to prove that your file contains errors.

Go to other companies
– There’s many competitor know. If your insurance company deny your coverage, terminate and find others.

Check for coverage availability before you buy
– If you’re considering buying a home, for example and you can’t get coverage the insurance companies are trying to tell you something that they won’t cover it.

In the event that you suffer a loss and file an insurance claims, you may hope that it is successfull. Given all the money that you shelled out for coverage and all the hoops you jumped through to get approved for coverage in the first place, that’s a reasonable expectation.
Insurance companies may refuse to pay you what you think they owe you for many reason. In some cases your claim may not be covered under the terms of the policy.
At a minimum, the insurer wants documentation and proof of your loss. Other people who have come before you have been known to cheat, so insurers won’t simply take your word, no matter how honest and ethical you are.

Source :- Personal Finance for Dummies

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