Electricity saving tips

Saving electricity is important because it can save monthly expenses. Reduction of monthly bill payments can be used for other purposes. Here are some tips on saving electricity consumption will help reduce your utility costs.
electricity saving tips
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Electricity Saving Tips 1:

Remove all light rooms or space at home if no one there.
For example, if you and your family relax in the living room, make sure the bedroom lights, dining room or kitchen is closed.

Electricity Saving Tips 2:

Shut off all electrical switches and electronics when not in use. Ideally, do not let off the standby.

Electricity Saving Tips 3:

Ideally, use a fan (or fans wall fans standing) and the use of air conditioning. But if I can not stand heat so and then use the air conditioner.

Electricity Saving Tips 4:

Use one large light bulb if need more lighting than using a small light bulb, but there are many.

Electricity Saving Tips 5:

Educate other family members to shut off lights, fans or other devices when leaving a room or space.

Electricity Saving Tips 6:

Switch on the lights outside the house if need be just like waiting for your guests, celebrate a festival or when holding a meeting or banquet.

Electricity Saving Tips 7:

Avoid using washing machines overload (‘overload’) or a full load. We recommend that load is not too full. In addition to the net proceeds of less cleaning it also resulted in excessive energy use.

Electricity Saving Tips 8:

Make sure the refrigerator door closed after use.

Electricity Saving Tips 9:

Hard to clean dust or dirt found in your refrigerator coils.

Electricity Saving Tips 10:

Full freezer use less energy. So if the ‘freeze’ your fridge is empty, fill it with ice cubes or ice containers so that energy is not thrown away.

Electricity Saving Tips 11:

Do not keep food hot or freshly cooked in the fridge.

Hope it will help us to save our monthly budget…

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