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Hello all my beloved readers.. I think I’ve not wrote a personal finance diary for such a long time. Today, I just want to share my method for budgetting after getting married.
For your information, I’m getting married about a week ago and there’s much money gone. It is different life now as I’ve responsibility to spend my salary and income wisely. If before, I’m spend money for myself but now it is also about my wife, house and many more.

One method that I’ve learnt but still not follow is using ‘envelope money budget’ (the term depend on your place). As I’ve received the salary, I’ll divide the money into 7 envelope such as :-

1. Envelope for wife
– It is important to have this envelope. I must put some reasonable money for my wife expenditure for a month. As my wife also work, the cost could be reduce but it is responsibility for husband to provide money. So, I put reasonable amount.

2. Envelope for oil expenditure
– I think it is easy to predict how much we use petrol monthly but we also must know that the oil price maybe increase. Put an amount that more than spending last month.

3. Envelope for spending in office
– This type of expenditure is breakfast, lunch or maybe buying something at office such as pencil, chewing gum.

4.Envelope for loan
– It is important to divide money at this envelope. Loan such as house loan, car loan, education loan, personal loan must paid in time and we must have this envelope.

5.Envelope for utility bill
– Envelope for utility must be used to calculate our usage of utility. We can cut cost for next month based on this month payment.

6.Envelope for parent
– Parent helped us from we being a baby untill before marriage. This time we must help him/her. Not too much but reasonable as it could help them to live without having money problem.

7.Envelope for saving
– Saving is important especially for emergency case. If you have much money you can divide saving and emergency funds. As my budget is not high, I’ve put them in one envelope.

Okay, that’s all my envelope money budget. Maybe you can add other’s envelope but must know your budget. Don’t put too small in the envelope as you will be panicked in the middle of the month..

Budgeting isn’t something that everyone has mastered to the fullest. In fact, it is still
As we know, today there announcement for Budget 2020 proposals. I'm not on TV as

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