Facebook CEO’s sister work for Google

Ain’t is weird when your sister or brother work for your competitor? It happened to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO sister, Arielle Zuckerberg that work at Google after the search engine company acquired Wildfire, the social ads marketing firm she works at. Mark Zuckerberg another sister Randi Zuckerbegt blasted off in a tweet about member of their family work as an Google employee.

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Arielle Zuckerberg works as a junior product manager at the Redwood City, which helps marketers engage their audiences using social media. Randi Zuckerberg has left Facebook last year to start her own media company.

Source :- Money CNN

How you feel if this situation happen to you? Will you down or it just another challenging?

Ain't easy for Facebook after involved in IPO. Mark Zuckerberg, their CEO has loses $600
There's many billionaires in our world and some of them not even reach 40 years

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