Financial planning after marriage

Many couples have financial problem after marriage. It occurs because no planning for future expenses. In this entry, I’ll share some tips to follow:-


1. Joint your bank account. Most of banks provide these services. You must decide who will manage your account. It ain’t easy because need trustworthy among each other. You need discussion and mutual agreement to make this happen.
2. You must need to get life insurance. It is important for your spouse future.
3. Health insurance is also a  must for your family. It will save your cost for medical bill.
4. Start saving in beginning. Make sure you have short tem and long term planning. Never think in early marriage is for enjoying. That’s wrong because the best time saving is in early age. More saving is good for your future financial. Build up a stable financial before getting married .
5. Budget your expenses together. Make sure you divide the important purchases and saving.
6. Discuss about your daily, monthly expenses. Always make sure you and your couple know where your money going. Don’t shy about your budget even it is not as good as your partner.
7. Writing your monthly budget. It is a must job you must do after getting your salary. If possible use an envelope method.
8. Plan for your future budget. Maybe you need to plan your future income, expenses for 3 years. It is better to set target for long term but we can’t predict future as economy changing and our life also not same as current.

Many couple doesn’t really know about important to get knowledge about financial. Get advice from financial planner to get more information before marriage.

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