Financial Success : Be accountable and responsible

All of us want to financial success but we don’t pay attention about this two word, accountable and responsible. No matter your age or status, the financial need to be control. Ask these questions :


  • Are you completing your own financial aid paperwork?
  •  Are you in charge or have equal input in paying your bills and managing your finances?
  • Are you doing research before making a big purchasing decision ( car, house)

You can only be fully aware of your responsibilities and obligations if you are involved from the start. It is okay to ask for help but the main point is you must do the work.

If you borrow money or have financial commitment, you need to understand the rights and responsibilities through the obligations to that debt. It includes

  • Making your payments on time and in full
  • Repaying the debt in full (including interest)

Partial payments, late payments and missed payments can have a negative effect on your credit score. Before make loan, you should estimate your monthly payment and how that payment will fit in your monthly budget.

You must understand factors tha will impact your credit score. The credit score is usually based on the following

  •  If you pay your bills on time
  • The total amount of debt you have and how close to your credit limit that amount is
  • The number of accounts recently opened
  • Number of recent inquires about your credit score
  • The different types of accounts currently open
  • Length of time you have been building credit

Reference :- Mapping Your Future

Based on the article above, I think we must responsible about what we owe. Don’t take easy about debt as it could make your finance burst and effect our future life. I’m also planning about debt I’ve. Checking every month, which debt we need to settle and avoid new loan especially personal loan. Always checking about credit score to make sure our financial in the good condition.
Tighten budget for debt while spending wisely. Maybe it is hard in the beginning but we will happily in the future.

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