Finish My car Loan

At last, I’ve finished my car loan. After 8 years and 6 months the car loan from Hong Leong Bank is finished. It is such a long journey for me as the car has become one of my property.
This also means, I only have a housing loan which is need to be settle another 20 years. Another long journey but I think it could be finished before 10 years if I’m discipline and consistenly.

I can’t give any advice on how to finish early as I just finish 4 months early than the target date. But the important things is consistently pay in time and put more than monthly payment.

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For next month the money will be put on my children and my wife takaful insurance. Before this I’m plan to put money on stock investment but I think it is better to put at something important.

Okay that’s all. A short entry for today. Oo.. Wish you Happy New Year. May 2018 come with Prosperity and we become more wealthy..


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