Friday Finance Quote part 7

If you follow this blog, maybe some of you love this part, Friday Finance Quote. It is a day that I’ll share 5 financial quote from famous people. Read this :-

1. “I didn’t invent the hamburger. I just took it more seriously than anyone else…We take the hamburger business more seriously than anyone else.”
Ray Kroc – first owner of McDonald by purchasing it from founder
// A really great quote from people who make McDonald famous as he is not a founder of the McDonald restaurant but he got the idea to make the restaurant bigger than any fast food.


2. “One has to remember that every failure can be a stepping-stone to something better…”
Colonel Sanders – founder of KFC

// Colonel Sanders has fail many time before his recipe boom. I’ve read his story about his receipe has been rejected by many investor but he is still confident on his fried chicken. Such inspirational word from success man.

3. “If I was interested only in earning money, I would have picked another business. But I was convinced that semiconductors would become critical as a national economic engine and provide a seedbed for future industries,”
Lee Byung Chul – Samsung founder
// The founder of one of the giant company now. He never obsessed to the top place in the domestic but compete with bigger competitor and i think he is success.

4. ‘ Dont depend on anyone but yourself for providing your financial security’
Donald Trump – The Trump Organization
// Yes.. We need to prepare finance by ourselves and don’t think other’s will help you even the government or your parent. Always keep on dependent.

5. Unless you dream, you’re not going to achieve anything.”
Richard Branson – Virgin owner

// From dream we can build something. Without big dream we just another ordinary people and success won’t reached you and me..

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