General Election to Come : Effect on our personal finance

As my Prime Minister announced the dissolution of Parliament on Wednesday, it means there will be polling day in near time. The Election Day will be held before end of April.
I’m not a political I don’t want to write about politic in this blog but I want to related the effect of general election to our personal finance. It is based on my experience on the previous election and it is the effect :-

1. Many of us want to know about latest news about the election. Some of us will buy newspaper, watching television regularly, reading internet, etc. Maybe you think buying newspaper only effect on our personal finance but it is wrong. Other’s media also can grab your money. They will use some hidden charge for you. Some of them make online poll using SMS, internet and steal your money.

2. The politician will offer many to us. You can request reliable thing from them and they will deliver. For example for the current government, you can request road in your house. They will use their power to ensure you get and vote them. It is could save money and good for our personal finance. Maybe some of you call it a bribe but for me it is an opportunity from people money.

3. The economy will effect. I think investor will hold their money before invest in the country that will have general election soon. They must confirm who will manage the country before invest. If you are trader, it could become a hard day for you.

4. If you are printing entreprenuer than it is a big opportunity for you. They will need many printing purpose such as poster, card, etc. It could make you fortune in short time.

5. You will take a day off for voting. If there’s many population in your place than it will cost your. If you vote far away from your home, you also need transportation cost.

6. The outcome of the result. If the winner is bad, then the country economy will effect. And it will worsen your finance. Hope it won’t happen to my country.

Okay, that’s short opinion from me about general election effect on our personal finance. Eventhough there’s a bad effect on your finance but I advice you to vote. It is for our life and do not waste the opportunity to choose your option. The future will be held on those winning candidate and you will be responsible why he/she become your representative.
How about you? Do you have any idea on general election and personal finance relation. Let’s discuss at this blog.

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