Goodbye PTPTN , Medical Card from Takaful

Hello all my beloved readers. This week, there’s a good news for me. There’s possibility that my wife salary will increase as government want to upgrade her position from W17 to W27 .
What is W17 post ? It is an administrative assistant finance while W27 is executive assistenat finance. This news good as it will help me to manage finance properly. The bad news is, her wage will near my wages too.
It show that government want to upgrade the position of W17.

Okay, other than that finally I got the letter from PTPTN that I’m officially free from PTPTN debt. That’s are very good news as the burden of this loan I’ve facing for almost 14 years. It is not much as I’ve pay around RM150 per month before but with the balance, I could use it for my baby insurance. How about you? Anybody still not free from PTPTN loan?
OO, this week also I’ve received the policy and medical card from Takaful for my baby. Hopefully it could help me if there’s any emergency case especially in health condition in the future.
The takaful could help me as the health expenses is very expensive and by taking the policy it could cover some of health expenses.

Okay, this is just a short article as I have not update this blog almost a week. If you have any story to share, let’s email me at poorbloggerz[at]

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