Happy Labour Day 2016

Hello. Maybe a bit late as the labour day is 2 days ago but I’m still want to wish to all of us as a worker.
Maybe some of us have a nice holiday and maybe some of us work on that day but it is not mean that you can’t celebrate the day for workers.
In this article,I just want to share my experience work as government servant in state agency. Not the detail but some important experience as a staff.
I’ve been working at the same agency about 12 years old. It is a long time as before that I’ve work on short term. 12 years of experience and honestly sometimes I’m feel bored.
Why? Working in some place and look at the same people is make me feel tired but I need to work as I don’t have any others source of income. To live we need money and the worked is my main source income.

As a worker, I get some achievement but I still not satisfied. I need to do something that could make me proud in the future. To work harder for others is good but I don’t feel that I could improve it.
I’ve planned to do some startup business in the future and the plan is still going. I’ve failed in many project before but that’s doesn’t mean that I’m surrender. Dare to Fail is a quote that could change my life.

As a common worker, we need to work harder. The cost of living has been increased and we need to face it whether we like or not. Labour day for me is like just another holiday day.
It is hard for this year as my child become active and I couldn’t write article frequently like before. It’s okay as I know he will bring happines and wealth for me.
For this month, hopefully I could achieve some of my target such as getting more reader to yourfinancialblog.com, get more passive income and my team finish develop ‘Rental House System’. Wish me luck.

‘HAPPY LABOUR DAY’ for all workers. For those who want to become worker, get ready and for those unemployment, wish you get job whether you become boss or you become worker.

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