Happy New Year 2014

Hello all of yourfinancialblog.com . I don’t know where you’re from and when your time will reach 2014. For my time, I’m now in year 2014. There’s many thing that I’ve achieve and fail on 2013. Now, it just become a history and will put inside my memory.
Maybe some of you going to celebrate Happy New Year outside. Going to concert or parade or any gathering but for me, I’m relax at home and planning my resolution and target to achieve this year. If you follow this blog, maybe you will know that I’m getting married soon. That’s my target in this year and become a great husband. Maybe next year I wish to have a babies.
Other than that I hope that this year will bring more prosperity to us (including you, my beloved reader). Hopefully, yourfinancialblog.com will growth and sharing many valuable article to improve our financial management.

Wish you good luck and ‘ Happy New Year 2014’.

Hello all my beloved friends especially Chinese readers. Hopefully I'm not late to wish you

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